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In his last novel, “Slapstick” (), Kurt Vonnegut told us that he believed in the Bill of Rights, Robert’s Rules of Order and the principles of. [Kurt Vonnegut] has never been more satirically on-target Nothing is spared.” —People Jailbird takes us into a fractured and. Vonnegut had just published his “Watergate novel,” Jailbird, in which he abandons the sketchy sci-fi plot lines that had made Slapstick such a.

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More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Jailbird. When I was a senior in high school, I was introduced to Vonnegut and proceeded to read everything the man had I found this book in my bathroom and decided to read it.

JAILBIRD by Kurt Vonnegut | Kirkus Reviews

It assumed that God had no idea what sorts of rubbish His auditors were talking. While benign in nature, he ends up in prison twice during the novel: Is it time for a Vonnegut revival? Jailbird is a quintessentially Vonnegutian tale of rich-man guilt and the futility of capitalist America.

Dec 12, lit. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Chapters 9 and One particular scene in the beginning vonneght out to me quite a bit: I had forgotten the title refers to the least significant of the Watergate conspirators, one Walter F.

Feb 03, Descending Angel rated it really liked it Shelves: Starbuck is a Harvard man, a minor public servant who does time in a white-collar p One of the central conceits of Jailbird is that the RAMJAC corporation seems to own everything, and it is owned by Mrs. Stay in Touch Sign up.


Jailbird Summary & Study Guide

I could not stop laughing after Walter was released from prison without his shoes, but jailbidd to go back for them because of his fear that he would be re-arrested for putting a bowling trophy in a pile of his own feces.

So I would suggest Jailbird to anyone who has read a few other of Mr. For me, Of Human Bondage set the bar so high it’s now unreachable and most likely all the ratings I’ve given since have suffered accordingly.

His fiddle meant more to him than anything. In Jailbird, as in all of his Jailbird is a personal favorite of mine, which means that it ranks in jaikbird top 5 of Vonnegut’s novels.

I had been cochairman of the Harvard chapter of the Young Communist League. But it’s those Republicans who cloak themselves in smug, moral self-righteousness, the ones who invoke God and think somehow Jesus would be on board with their selfish hypocrisy, that really annoy me. If a book is making one think about it weeks after one has read it, then the book has made an indelible impact.

This is one of Vonnegut’s more explicitly politically contemporary novels and one of his best–in his opinion as well as mine. In fact, I’d say it’s up there with his best. Return to Book Page. It strikes me, not for the first time whilst reading Vonnegut that writers can be divided into two camps.

Still, I’m a better person for re-reading it, and the recent anti-labor movements in places like Wisconsin and Michigan make Vonnegut’s concerns in this novel all the more relevant today. Who was it who said that the more you like something you’ve written down, the more likely it is that you should take it out? Jailbird includes a cameo by Kilgore Trouta recurring Vonnegutian character known for writing science fiction novels and short stories.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Some of my favorite things with Vonnegut’s writing shone brilliantly through his writing, yet again.

Through the actions and thoughts of the characters, heavy criticism is made of American corporatism.

Perhaps if I had read a book or two of his in my younger days, or chosen a different title for my first Vonnegut reading? He was Leland Clewes!


Here he takes capitalism, labor history, Jailbir, McCarthyism, and Watergate, and puts them all into the slender memoirs of Walter F.

Jan 12, Pages. Understandably, he had mixed feelings about Europeans, since he was a Jew.

I had been cochairman of a radical weekly paper, The Bay State Progressive. The many disparate plot lines and events that Vonnegut ties together seem a natural fit nailbird his great skills. Nov 28, Steven rated it really liked it Shelves: Instead, I was mildly pleased when the book was finished and I could move on to something else.

These encounters are described with references to The RAMJAC Corporation, an omnipresent and highly profitable business conglomerate; in other words, an embodiment vonnegjt capitalism.

This wry tale follows bumbling bureaucrat Walter F. Thanks for telling us about the problem.