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The Horror at Camp Jellyjam is the 33rd book in the original Goosebumps series. Swimming, basketball, archery. King Jellyjam’s sports camp has it all. Too bad. The Horror At Camp Jellyjam. Series. Goosebumps The Horror At Camp Jellyjam. Camp Jellyjam is no ordinary sports camp. The counselors seem a little TOO. Camp Jellyjam is no ordinary sports camp. p>It’s our ninth fan-favorite prequel to R.L. Stine’s blockbuster Goosebumps HorrorLand series. Now with.

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But then he brings home two ugly lawn gnomes. But a fat, gross, purple mound of slime, nearly as big as a house.

And why are they so obsessed with winning? Has King Jellyjam come back?! The ending was strange and kinda gross. The parents apologize for what a disaster this trip was and offer to send the kids to a real summer camp next year.

It sweats snails, it stinks, and it needs to be constantly hosed down because it needs to stay wet and it hates its own smell. The three run back to their dorms and find Deidre’s belongings missing.

Kids disappearing, suspicious camp councillors, and mysterious earthquakes. Wendy knows something is seriously wrong here; no one could take a blow like that and not even cry out a little.


Two weeks later, Wendy and Elliot have a surprise visitor. Finally, Wendy decides to investigate these evil shenanigans, and follows a bunch of the counsellors into the woods one night. Wickedpedia by Chris van Etten. Deirdre explains all the kids down here are the six-coiners.

The Horror At Camp Jellyjam

It’s all about ME!!! Amy loves practicing her new comedy routine. Of course the overly competitive vibe of an all-sports camp run by hypnotized councilors working for famp giant blob monster kind of makes the indoor plumbing a moot point.

I noticed some similarities between this one and Welcome to Camp Nightmare. We give ourselves up to serve the master! On the other hand, none of the characters are intolerable, and the parents are not around to hhorror up the plot so it’s a lot more readable than the last several books I’ve picked up in this series. The day is saved by Wendy telling the kids to lay down on the ground.

The Horror at Camp Jellyjam by R. L. Stine | Scholastic

Turns out they just have daily earthquakes at Camp Jellyjam, nothing to fear. As of this night there are five boys and three girls, including Deirdre. Okay, here is what’s going on: And where are the goosebumpd disappearing to? The Bailey School Kids Clearly this is definite proof that there is no God, because why would God create something like King Jellyjam?

Joe Burton’s dad loves those tacky lawn ornaments.


Recap #178: Goosebumps #33: The Horror at Camp Jellyjam by R.L. Stine

Wendy spots a young red haired girl finally who warns them to leave the camp. Who is funding the amazing sports arenas at the camp and the tons of food consumed by the children and counselors?

Another set of caring, intelligent parents I see. They thhe start to escape from the igloo building, and run smack dab into Buddy and the counselors! The book that I read today was about a brother and sister named Wendy and Elliot. The girls are hurrying to get ready for a lap race in the pool.

The Horror at Camp Jellyjam | R.L Stine Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Buddy continued chanting out slogans to the crowd of counselors. She loses again and later that night more winners disappear. The kids that earn six gold coins gooebumps spirited away to wash, and more than likely, get eaten by this monstrosity below the camp.

This book follows a girl and her younger brother on vacation.

The mom is just cooking brussel sprouts.