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However the two women then decided to take their actions to the next level as the smiled at one another in full agreement in what they were going to do. That was when Tsunade decided to let more than just her hands do the exploring of Naruto's body as she leaned forward to face him as she began to kiss and lick him, she nibbled his ear and blew on it, making Naruto gasp at the sensations, much to the amused delight of the blonde Hokage as she moved on with her actions to Naruto's cheek. She knew of both Minato and Kushina since even though she had not been to Konoha for long, she had been there long enough to meet both Minato and Kushina. He wondered if he was going to go blind or fall unconscious from all the sexual overload he was getting. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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Mei Terumi was a woman who could easily get the eye of any man and he had no doubt that she could really drive any man crazy.

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As for Mei, she was very pleased that she finally met a man who she was willing to be with and eve though she was older than him normally, he was already a man in her eyes. His gaze went lower to the rest of her body, admiring her arms, neck, and shoulders as he could not find anything wrong with them and had no doubt of the strength and power that she had in her. No wonder that Jiraiya had tried to peek at her when they were much younger and had paid dearly for it as well. As soon as Tsunade left, Mei smiled at Naruto who was still blushing like mad as she touched him as she spoke in an amused tone. She blushed deeply as she was doing those things which served to tell Naruto that she was very pleased with what they had done together. He asked Jiraiya about it and the man seriously replied, for once, that this was something of a test of manhood by some as eating this was risky.

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