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She felt like her arms were being ripped from the sockets and her body bent sharply in a direction it wasn't designed to bend. Each morning Lisa woke up and went to her den were the A-V equipment was set up. The kick stung Lisa but had little effect on her. She had the weekend off and planned to play a round of golf, her first love, and try to put it behind. At first, Karen bit her bottom lip and refused to give Lisa the satisfaction of crying out as her punches thudded home with brutal force. Using the length of rope, Karen fashioned a lasso and tossed it over Lisa while she was inside the shower curtain. She sighed it was probably just as well, since she was exhausted at this point from her own 'killer workout.

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By the end of the session, Karen moved very slowly to the locker room with her arms hanging by her sides.

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Visit Playboy Plus to see more Karen Mcdougal nude pictures and videos. Lisa spent the next week watching Karen's workout tapes in slow motion, studying her every movement. Dunno how I could have missed Daphnee Duplaix - Playboy Playmate. But soon, each blow brought a grunt or grown from Karen and a large smile to Lisa's face. Lisa returned to the travel bag and removed a video camera and a tripod which she set up in the corner. She always seemed sincere and it was almost believable.

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karen mcdougal hot tub
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