123 erotic eve

I generally resorted to ignore all citadel contracts except a handful of structures I trust sucks that there is no 'only stations' setting in contract finder but that's only one of the many faults of that crappy window. A Eve on If the contract is public, at an open citadel, and they're delivering to an open citadel, that's not them being dumb because you canceled their access. The game offered a certain mechanic, and players made decisions based on that. So the only defense against the scam is to literally never do hauling to a Citadel, which is going to be the majority of hauling contracts these days. Otherwise it's just digits. TBH can't get mad at you.

Jesus my game was weak.


I would see these kinds of contracts all the time whenever I felt like hauling. It was traditionally done by Goonwaffe because you can only join that corp if you have an active SA account and greedy people try to circumvent that rule. Few years back someone in Florida? I'm sorry but why in the eff would people accept a 40m3 contract with 1 bil collateral and 4 jumps away? I'll be in delve wondering how there are so many god damn rorqs The feels maaaaan - memories of great scam articles making me smile.

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